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this other time back in the day of playing shows alone i played at a frat party and no one would turn off the stereo while i was performing so i got up on a table and kicked over everyone’s beers and started singing the gayest and loudest songs i could think to play and everyone called me a faggot and threw things at me and then after three songs we got chased out of the frat house and drove off into the night

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i remember this one time the horse museum accidentally got booked to play a children’s fair and we were trying to communicate to the promoter that we felt really uncomfortable with the idea of performing in front of children and the promoter didn’t seem to see why it would be a problem and dee just kept yelling ALL OF HIS SONGS ARE ABOUT SEMEN ALL OF HIS SONGS ARE ABOUT SEMEN

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anyway I’m very excited for you blew it tonight :^)

code orange played a great set last night, but the crowd was so violent I’m like fucking covered in bruises, I just wanted to listen to the bands and boogie but I guess people have to practice karate at shows

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everyone at hardcore shows is so abrasive, like stop being so cool


Joyce Manor won’t let guys be dudes. What’s worse than that?

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